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Coffee Sock | Cold-Brew Kit | Organic Cotton | 946ml

$22.00 CAD

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Complete Kit for making the perfect cold brew coffee on your own. The 32 oz. kit brews small batches for small spaces - from the dorm room to the camp site. This kit will prepare the most delicious cold brew coffee in 6-10 hours.

  • 1 CoffeeSock Cold Brew Filter - Quart Size
  • 1 32 oz. mason jar
  • Filter handmade from USDA Certified organic cotton
Brew Method
  • Stretch filter over mouth of jar.
  • Grind 1 cup (3 oz. by weight) of your favourite coffee to a medium/coarse grind.
  • Pour the coffee into the CoffeeSock filter and bloom to start (wet ground thoroughly and let sit for 60 seconds).
  • Fill jar with cold water.
  • Twist neck of filter, wrap tie string around neck a few times and slip neck of filter through glass ring.
  • Allow to soak for 6-10 hrs.
  • Remove filter and rest in mouth of jar to fully drain.

Enjoy your freshly brewed 3 cups of ColdBrew concentrate.


Glass mason jar and 100% certified organic cotton filter.

Cotton is grown in Texas, India and Pakistan. All is GOTS certified Organic. GOTS also monitors labor practices and working conditions.

End of Life: You can add to your compost bin. Cutting filter into 1 inch pieces will hasten decomposition.