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Beginagain | Puzzle and Playset | Alphabites A to Z

$28.99 CAD

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This A to Z puzzle and playset is a play kitchen, children's puzzle and food serving playset, all in one! The whole alphabet from 'Apple' to 'Zucchini', kids can play with food, condiments and cooking utensils while learning alphabet letters and the names of each item in the playset.

  • Play and display- the wooden storage box is illustrated with a serving tray on one side and a stove top on the other
  • NAPPA Silver aware winner
Additional Details

We have a chance to begin again. At Beginagain's Colorado workshop, they love the challenge of creating memorable play that is made from plants instead of plastics. They are committed to helping families move to plastic free and screen free play. They hope their small company can help you reduce & ultimately eliminate oil based plastics from kids at play.


Rubberwood is a very versatile plant. Sustainably grown on plantations throughout southeast Asia and Brazil, the Hevea Brasiliensis is a fast growing hardwood and a reliable renewable resource for its milksap and its wood.

Beginagain is proud of the water based stains that are not only eco-friendly but show off the beauty of the woods. Best of all it keeps paint out of the mouths of kids at play.