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Linen Way | Lipari Tea Towel | Black With Natural Stripes

$28.11 CAD

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These spa-worthy linen towels are luxurious with exceptional absorbency and an unrefined, natural feel. Stone-washing is a textile process where the item is literally washed with stones to give it softness and a worn-in look.

  • Size 17" x 28"
Additional Details

Linen is a unique eco-friendly fabric. Almost no fertilizers are used in growing flax which is the plant used to make linen. Linen is completely natural and is a fully biodegradable resource.

Due to its unique properties, linen undergoes a molecular change when wet and becomes stronger, resulting in greater longevity than cotton.

Linen Way is a family run, Canadian company with a collective experience gathered over the last 20 + years in the textile industry. Linen Way source dyes with less toxicity and lower water usage. They favour raw materials that replenish quickly. And they hope that when anyone is done with any of those products, they will biodegrade until they are once again indistinguishable from the nature.


Made from 100% stonewashed linen.