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Nooks Design | Child Booties | 100% Wool | 1 Pair | Lagoon

$50.00 CAD

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Inspired by the dark grey stones, tumbled and smoothed by ocean tides that create an organic barrier which allows the warm shallow water to thrive with life on the coastlines.

  • Created for comfort and style for your little one’s growing feet
  • Adjustable flap closure makes them easy to put on even the squirmiest feet and secures around calves of all sizes for a comfortable fit
  • Elastic built into the ankle cuff gently holds them in place
  • Ethically-made and handcrafted
Additional Details

To ensure the proper fit, trace the child’s foot on a piece of paper when they are standing and measure the distance from the tip of the longest toe to the back of the heel and add 1/2″ for growing room. Check our sizing chart to find the corresponding size.

While the natural leather outer soles are lined with felted wool on the inside to provide cushioning and warmth from the cold ground, they are not intended to replace heavy winter boots which are fully wind and water-proof. If you are looking for a foul weather boot while maintain the benefits of soft soles, Nook's recommend pairing up our booties with a nylon shell like Stonz or Sherpa.

Care Instructions

The best way to clean the booties is to use mild detergent and hand washing them. If they’re heavily soiled, you can safely machine wash them in cold water on a gentle cycle; it’s ideal to keep them separate from other articles of clothing. The most important step is to air dry them and avoid exposure to intense sources of heat like a dryer or a hot air vent.


Made from 100% pure New Zealand lambswool which has been felted for strength and durability, and paired with rugged hide leather soles that provide slip resistance when worn indoors on laminate wood or tiled surfaces and are durable enough to be used outdoors in dry conditions.

100% genuine cowhide leather.