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Free shipping $69+ | Fast Shipping Canada Wide

Heli The Helicopter | Sustainably Grown Cork | 153mm x 70mm x 75mm

$25.00 CAD

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Up in the sky, into the clouds, searching for the sun. Who doesn’t like to fly? Heli is a fantastic way to develop your child's imagination! Light and fun, Heli brings more colour and movement into any child's daily routine. An easy toy that brings your child closer to the sky!

  • Recommended for children ages 12 months+
  • 100% natural and sustainable

Additional Information

Elou toys are developed in partnership with some of the most regarded national higher education institutions, to conceive a differentiated product that complies with the highest quality and safety standards. By proposing a 100% natural and recyclable offer, Elou intends to minimize their ecological footprint and grant children an early contact with nature.


Made in Portugal from cork, wood and rubber. Cork is a buoyant, light brown, natural substance, obtained from the outer layer of the cork oak.