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Parade Baby | Kimono Gown | Jade Fans | Various Sizes

$24.00 CAD

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A natural for baby and the modern eco-minded parent. Parade's Signature print organic cotton kimono gowns make changing baby simple with elasticized bottom and side snaps. Gowns are great under sleep sacks, for quick snap-free changes, or to relax in for all day comfort. The kimono gown is a Parade favorite and always welcome as a baby shower gift that new parents adore.

  • Nickel free snaps
  • Foldover hand mitts
  • 100% GOTS certified Organic cotton in India
Additional Details

All Parade clothing is hand printed by real people. Variations in designs may occur. They think it's part of the charm, they hope you agree!

Supporting Fair Trade: Parade Baby's collection is produced fair trade in beautiful India. They visit their production facilities twice a year to ensure quality of their product - and say hi to their friends. Fair trade means that the people making Baby Parade's products have a safe working environment, are paid fairly, and have labour standards in place that make Parade Baby proud to be their partners. Why India? Cotton is not grown in Canada, so it must be imported - India was a natural choice for Parade Baby because of it's rich history - organic cotton farming has been a tradition for over 4000 years.

Care Instructions

Wash cold and tumble dry low for best results and the least shrinkage. Conventional cotton apparel is generally treated with chemicals during finishing to reduce the shrinking effects of heat. Organic cotton is not chemically treated, so will shrink slightly more than processed cotton. Parade allows for this in their designs, so their garments may look larger than non-organic garments before you wash them. Shrinkage is worse for the lengths of the garments and is less noticeable in width.

Do not use bleach or harsh detergents on natural, organic cotton - it will cause fading and weakening of the fibres.


Sustainability: Parade clothing is made using only the softest, most durable organic cotton. Organic cotton is made without the use of pesticides and harsh chemicals, keeping the planet, its farmers and its people healthy. It's also healthier for babies' sensitive skin. Parade Baby’s organic cotton is 100% GOTS certified, the Global Organic Textile Standard - the highest in the industry, so you know you're getting the real thing.