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Free shipping $69+ | Fast Shipping Canada Wide

Rejuvenating Latte & Smoothie Blend | Matcha Activate | 10 Sachets

$19.99 CAD

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Matcha Activate is matcha forward in flavour with creamy and sweet layers and is more mild in flavour than our pure Classic Matcha.

Additional Information

Matcha Activate is your easy, delicious solution to owning your day without coffee. Organic matcha boosted with adaptogens and nourishing herbs helps you experience a calm, focused energy so you can stay sharp all day without jitters or a crash. De-stress with the enjoyable taste of matcha accompanied by nutty and sweet undertones.

Key Benefits:

  • Calm energy
  • Increased mental clarity & focus 
  • Apoptogenic (stress supporting) 
  • Fatigue-fighting
  • Deep Nutrition
  • Anti-aging benefits 


matcha*, gelatinized maca powder*, siberian ginseng (eleuthero) powder*, green tea pollen*, spirulina*, raw vanilla bean powder. *organic.