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Rocking Snail | Sustainably Grown Cork | 700 x 300 x 460mm

$224.95 CAD

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Sustained by a differentiated design approach and based on an almost amorphous conception, Elou's snail mimics the rocking movements produced by a classic rocking horse and fits in perfectly within indoor and outdoor environments.

  • Recommended for children ages 18 months+
  • 100% natural and sustainable
  • Removable antennas

Additional Information

Elou toys are developed in partnership with some of the most regarded national higher education institutions, to conceive a differentiated product that complies with the highest quality and safety standards. By proposing a 100% natural and recyclable offer, Elou intends to minimize their ecological footprint and grant children an early contact with nature.


Made in Portugal from cork and wood. Cork is a buoyant, light brown, natural substance, obtained from the outer layer of the cork oak.