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Raising Humans Co. | Silicone Baby Utensils | Ocean

$10.99 CAD

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Raising Human's mini utensils are designed specifically for your babes little fingers - with function and safety in mind!

  • Easy to travel with
  • Helps your baby get used to the motion of grasping and holding
  • Develops coordination
Additional Details

A feeding guard has been incorporated into the design as an anti-choke function, so that the utensils stops where they normally would in their mouth.

Make sure that utensils are clean before each use and there is no damage. If there is damage to the utensils, discard immediately as it may become a choking hazard.

Raising Human's commitment to you is 3-fold: First, providing safe, high-quality, modern and stylish products that you and your baby will love. Second, sustainability and eco-conscious practices, where possible. Third, fostering a community where you feel supported, heard and celebrated.

Care Instructions

Wash in the sink or pop them into the top rack of your dishwasher.


Made from 100% buttery soft, BPA free, non toxic, food-grade silicone.